«Mtskheta city – Uplistsikhe – Borjomi Park – Gori»

Duration: 8 hours
Route: Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Uplistsikhe – Gori – Tbilisi
Tour type: private or group excursion / by bus

Excursion to Mtskheta (Second Jerusalem) - the ancient city and ancient capital of Georgia. The town is rich in ancient religious monuments, among them: Jvari - monastery and temple on the top of the mountain at the confluence of the Kura and Aragvi rivers, Svetitskhoveli (life-giving pillar) - patriarchal cathedral church of the Georgian Orthodox Church, which over the millennia was the main cathedral throughout Georgia. Listed among the World Heritage sites. It is now considered one of the spiritual symbols of modern Georgia.
Sightseeing tour includes visits to the following sites:
Mtskheta city tour Borjomi National Park
Svetistskhoveli Cathedral Uplistsikhe caves
Jvari monastery The House- Museum of Stalin
Uplistsikhe is identified by archaeologists as one of the oldest urban settlements in Georgia. Strategically located in the heartland of ancient kingdom of Kartli(or Iberia as it was known to the Classical authors), it emerged as a major political and religious center of the country. The town’s age and importance led medieval Georgian written tradition to ascribe its foundation to the mythical Uplos, son of Mtskhetos, and grandson of Kartlos.
Borjomi - the first National Park in Caucasus that corresponds to the international standards. This is wild, mountainous, forested land, and holds most of the large wildlife found anywhere in Europe. Tasting water from mineral springs. The Borjomi mineral water park is a very popular attraction with tourists who visit Borjomi. This is the place where the “famous” mineral water was first produced. While there you can bring your own bottles and fill them up with the mineral water which is known to be good for health.
The House-Museum of Stalin In the very center of the town like a bright spot n the background of old structure stands a huge palace built in the original Gothic style. This is Stalin Memorial Museum which was constructed in the 1950s. Stalin Museum is dedicated to all aspects of the well-known leader's life. It consists of three sections displaying rare exhibits: the originals of letters and notes, photos, military annals, maps, schemes of battles, Stalin's personal things - photos of his sons Jacob and Vasily, letters, the generalissimo's uniform, the death mask.