«Mtirala National Park»

Duration: 5 hours
Route: Batumi – Chakvistavi
Tour type: private or group excursion / Jeep tour

Mtirala National Park is located between the territories of Kobuleti, Khelvachauri and Keda municipalities. Park is 25 km far from Kobuleti and 27 km far from Administrative building. Visitor Center is located in Village Chakvi. Mtirala National Park is the only place where 220 meters zip-line is arranged. If you love adventures then we recommend you to mark Mtirala National Park in must-go destination.

Sightseeing tour around Kutaisi includes visits to the following sites:
Mtirala National Park Lunch at the local restaurant
Guests will visit local family, where we will stop to have a coffee break with some local snacks, you will have possibility to taste local traditional homemade vodka – Chacha. The master of the house will meet the guests according to local traditions, will tell about their way of life. The house has very beautiful terrace where the guests can enjoy their coffee break and have fun under accompaniment of the live music. You will have possibility to visit Natural Honey shop, which belongs to the house master, and who will let you taste different types of honey. Guests can optionally buy a jar of honey.
Park availabilities: There are 2 marked and comfortable trails in Mtirala national Park. The territory offers hiking, horse riding, bird watching and adventure tours. Visitors can use with extreme and entertaining service Zip-Line and can slide on 200m rope extended from one tree to another.
We will continue our way, on jeeps through the picturesque mountain roads of the park to the local restaurant for having lunch. The restaurant is located on the river bank with marvelous views and fantastic fresh air. Hospitality beyond the borders, local traditional dishes & homemade wine is waiting here for you.
Arrival back to Batumi in the evening.