«Martvili Canyon & Dadiani Palace»

Duration: 10-12 hours
Route: Batumi – Martvili Canyon – Dadiani Palace in Zugdidi
Tour type: private or group excursion / by bus

Imereti is a beautiful historic region in western Georgia, bordered by Samegrelo, Guria, Svaneti, Racha-Lechkhumi, and Shida Kartli. The geographical location, climatic environment, an abundance of historical and natural landmarks as well as a rich tradition define the region’s uniqueness. With its colors and vivacity, its misty mountains and fabulous landscapes do attract many tourists who come to Georgia. Samegrelo is a coastal region located in western Georgia. In ancient times, Samegrelo was part of the Colchis Kingdom and one of the first proto-Kartvelian kingdoms formed in the south of Caucasian mountains. It is rich in cultural traditions and archeological artifacts, as well as untouched natural beauty.

Sightseeing tour around Kutaisi includes visits to the following sites:
Martvili Canyon Lunch at the local restaurant
Dadiani Palace in Zugdidi
Visiting one of the unique site of Georgia in Imereti Region - Martvili Canyons. Over millions of years, the water has created breathtaking gorge limestone rocks, reaching a depth of 40 meters, at the bottom of which actually the river flows. The total length of the canyon is one kilometer available to reach. In the upper part of the canyon, you can take a boat trip and reach the very beginning with 7-meter-high powerful waterfall.
The Dadiani Palace complex in Samegrelo, in the city of Zugdidi, is one of Georgia’s most beautiful examples of 19th century architecture, and one of the few historical buildings in good condition outside the capital. In 1839 David Dadiani founded his family's museum. The museum is one of the oldest in the Caucasus region, and currently houses more than 41,000 items, ranging from the second millennium BC to the end of the 19th century AD. Some of the most interesting items include Napoleon’s death mask dated 1833, a Napoleonic library of several hundred volumes, private letters, and Napoleonic silver and chinaware.
Traditional lunch at the local restaurant. Arrival to Batumi in the evening.