Tour duration: 6 DAYS / 5 NIGHTS
Destination countries: Armenia
Arrival: Yerevan International Airport
Departure:Yerevan International Airport

  • 1

    DAY 1 | Arrival to Yerevan

    Arrival to Yerevan International Airport. Meeting at the airport with company representative.
    Transfer to Yerevan Hotel.
    Accommodation. Overnight in Yerevan.

  • 2

    DAY 2 | Yerevan – Garni – Geghard

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Sightseeing tour around Yerevan, which includes the visits to the following sites: Republic square, Northern Avenue, Opera house, Cascade complex, Victory Park with panoramic views on the city, St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, Matenadaran the museum of ancient manuscripts, Tsitsernakaberd the memorial to Armenian Genocide, Koniak and Wine factories and many other sites... Visit to Noy Conyak factory. Conyak degustation.
    Visit to Geghard Monastery is another incredible ancient Armenian monastery, partly carved out of a mountain. Though the monastery has been around since before the 4th century, the main cathedral was built in 1215. The specific character of this monument reflects, no doubt, the peculiarities of the austere and majestic scenery around it.
    Sightseeing tour around Garni Temple: The Temple of Garni is a first century Hellenic temple near Garni, Armenia. It is the only pagan temple in Armenia that survived the Christianization of the country in 301 AD. The structures of Garni combine elements of Hellenistic and national culture, which is an evidence of antique influences and the distinctive building traditions of the Armenian people. Visit to Armenian local family. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you in Garni village – you can take part in a real ritual of baking national “lavash” bread with local villagers. Enjoy the open air lunch.
    Departure back to Yerevan. Overnight in Yerevan.

  • 3

    DAY 3 | Yerevan – Zvartnots – Echmiadzin

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Zvartnots temple was built in 7-th century, at a time when much of Armenia was under Byzantine control or influence and during the early invasions of Armenia by the Muslim Arabs. Unfortunately, like the majority of other ancient Armenian temples, Zvartnots has survived only in ruins since it was completely destroyed by powerful earthquake in the 10 th century. But even the ruins of this temple give us the idea of its rare and majestic beauty.
    Visit to Echmiadzin Cathedral - one of the main attractions of the Echmiadzin is the Cathedral — the most ancient Christian temple of Armenia, one of the first in entire Christian world. The first stone of the temple, as the legend goes, was laid in 30 by the first Catholicos of Armenian Church.
    Back to Yerevan for dinner and overnight.

  • 4

    DAY 4 | Yerevan – Areni – Khorvirap – Noravank – Yerevan

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    After breakfast we depart to make a visit to Areni caves. For centuries, the caves in this region were thought to be just simple caves. Children would play in them, but nobody knew much about these caves. But that all changed in 2007, when excavations began in Areni Cave. Excavations unearthed large complexes, which showed that this cave was once used for religious and economic purposes. A wine press was found in one room of the cave, where there is a hard place that drains into a jug. Traces of seeds, stems, and the compound that gives red wine its signature color were found, which led a wide array of scientists to conclude that the area was used as a winery about 6,000 years ago. Areni Cave is now recognized as the oldest winery in the world. Only in two km from the cave there is one of the most popular wineries of Armenia, Areni Wine Factory.
    Visit to Khorvirap - the unique architectural monument, which nowadays has become one of the main attractions of Ararat Province. This fortified monastery is a place of pilgrimage and a holy site for the Armenian Apostolic Church. The history of the site dates back to a pagan temple that stood here for centuries before Christ’s birth.
    Departure to Noravank. Noravank means “New Monastery” in Armenian. However, today this name does not fit, as the monastery is already more than seven centuries old. The beautiful Noravank Monastery was built in the 13th century on the ledge of narrow winding gorge above the Amaghu River, near the city of Yeghegnadzor. The spare lines of the church contrast beautifully with the sharp red rock cliffs, and the dramatic scenery is one of the best reasons to visit Noravank. Late lunch at the restaurant close to Noravank.
    Dinner at the restaurant close to Noravank.
    Departure back to Yerevan for overnight.

  • 5

    DAY 5 | Yerevan – Akhtala – Haghpat – Sanahin – Yerevan

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    After breakfast we depart to Lori region visit Akhtala one of the few churches in Armenia with its inner walls covered with frescoes, painted between 1205 and 1216, and among the best examples of Byzantine art outside of the Empire of Byzantium. Visit to Haghpat Monastic complex. It is an exceptional example of ecclesiastical architecture that developed in Armenia in the 10th to 13th centuries which is unique by virtue of its blending of elements of both Byzantine church architecture and the traditional vernacular building style of this region. Sanahin monastery: In the first half of the 10 th century Armenian clerics expelled from Byzantium constructed St. Astvatsatsin (the Mother of God) in Sanahin. The church was very similar to Georgian cult structures of that time – the cross-shaped facade crowned with big dome resting on round drum. The main monastery church, Amenaprkich (962), Gregory Magistros academy (11 th century), the round St. Gregory the Illuminator temple (1061), scriptorium (1063) and belfry (13th century) were later built around it.
    Departure back to Yerevan for dinner and overnight.

  • 6

    DAY 6 | Departure

    Breakfast at the hotel. Check out.
    Transfer to Yerevan International Airport.