«Georgia in Miniatures Park & Dendropark in Shekvetili»

Duration: 7-8 hours
Route: Batumi – Shekvetili
Tour type: private or group excursion / by bus

Guria region is less Popular but a fascinating region of Georgia. Guria is the smallest region of the country bordering Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, the Black Sea and Adjara. With so many beautiful landscapes Georgia can offer, Guria is less popular. However, it’s Black Sea coastline that stretches to 22 kilometers, mountainous resorts, food and wine should make the region a touristic destination.
Sightseeing tour around Batumi includes visits to the following sites:
Georgia in Miniatures Park in Shekvetili Lunch at the local restaurant (OPTIONAL)
Dendropark in Shekvetili
Georgia in Miniatures Park and Museum. You can travel all around Georgia and see its architectural monuments. Or you can see all of them at the same time by going to the Black Sea Resort of Shekvetili and visiting the ‘Georgia in Miniatures’ park. The miniature park is one of the newer attractions of Georgia and features around 50 miniatures architectural monuments from all around Georgia. In addition, each display has a small board containing information regarding its history.

Dendropark in Shekvetili: Shekvetili Dendrology par with its sweeping scope, unique and diverse collection of plants, the perfect setting for studying biodiversity, and original landscaping, all of which makes it exceptional in every way not only in Black Sea area but also in the entire region. Incorporating 60 hectares of land, this garden features thousand od species of local and exotic flora in full splendor. This unique collection introduces us to the diversity as spellbinding beauty of the woody plants from around the globe, which is why this extraordinary par has enormous medicinal, aesthetic, educational, and scientific values.
Optional lunch at the local restaurant.