Tour duration: 15 DAYS / 14 NIGHTS
Destination countries: Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia
Arrival: Tbilisi International Airport
Departure: Tbilisi International Airport

  • 1

    Day 1 | Arrival to Tbilisi International Airport

    Meeting at the airport. Transfer to Tbilisi Hotel.
    Check-in. Overnight in Tbilisi.

  • 2

    Day 2 | Tbilisi

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Sightseeing tour around Tbilisi includes the visits to the following sites: Holy Trinity Cathedral, Metechi church with panoramic views over the old part of the city, Sioni cathedral, Anchiskhati Church, Narikala fortress, Old streets of the city, Sulphur Baths in Abanotubani, Meidan Square, Chardin Road, Freedom Square, House of Melik Azarianc (Passage), Bridge of Peace, Rustaveli Avenue, Shota Rustaveli Theatre, Vorontsov Palace, Pantheon on Mtatsminda Mount, Turtle Lake and more other sites of the city... Overnight in Tbilisi.

  • 3

    Day 3 | Tbilisi – Mtskheta – Ananuri - Kazbegi

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Visit to Mtskheta. Due to its historical significance and numerous ancient monuments, the "Historical Monuments of Mtskheta" became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994. Jvari Monastery is a Georgian Orthodox monastery of the 6th century, it is situated on a cliff above Mtskheta. The name is translated as the Monastery of the Cross. It is the culmination of a number of artistic and architectural aspirations in early Christian Georgian.
    Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is one of the most sacred places in Georgia and, along with Jvari Monastery, the clear highlight of a trip to Mtskheta. It was founded in 1010, built on the site of Georgia's first church, and contains the graves of the ancient Georgian kings, including Sidonia, who was said to have been buried holding Christ's robe. On the way to Kazbegi you will visit Ananuri Architectural Complex and Jinvali Water Reservoir is easy via Georgian Military Highway. Continuing the route to Kazbegi through popular Georgian winter resort Gudauri. Arrival to Kazbegi, Stepantsminda. The sightseeing tour includes the visits to: Gergeti Trinity Church is located near settlement Stapantsminda, on the Gergeti Mountain (2200m a.s.l.), one of the highest and most beautiful peaks of Caucasus and is the only cross-cupola church in Khevi province. You can enjoy the breathtaking views to the mount Kazbebi. Mount Kazbegi is the third highest mountain in Georgia and the seventh highest peak in the Caucasus Mountains. The summit lies directly to the west of the town of Stepantsminda and is the most prominent geographic feature of the area. Mt. Kazbek is the highest peak of Eastern Georgia.
    Back to Tbilisi. Overnight in Tbilisi.

  • 4

    Day 4 | Tbilisi – Sighnaghi – Lagodekhi border – Sheki

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Exploring Georgian wine region Kakheti. Arrival to Sighnaghi - recently renovated “City of Love”. Visiting Bodbe Monastery and holy spring named after Saint Nino – female evangelist from Cappadocia. Visit to local winery / wine degustation.
    Departure to Lagodekhi border; border formalities.
    Visit to Sheki. Sightseeing tour around Sheki includes visits to the following sites: Palace of the Sheki Khans, Caravansarays Ashagi and Ukhari; Gileili and Juma Mosques; Local Museum; Souvenir shops.
    Overnight in Sheki.

  • 5

    Day 5 | Sheki – Shemakhi – Baku

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Departure to Shamakhi. Maraza village – visit Sufi Dervish Mausoleum Diri Baba. For a long time, the local residents have kept the legend that their imperishable Saint Diri-Baba had been buried. However, many other legends and mystical details are connected with this landmark. Therefore, since the 17th century, it attracts pilgrims and simply curious visitors.
    Juma Mosque - the oldest and largest mosque in Azerbaijan, Juma, according to the legend was built in the 8th century. To clarify, It is the time of Shamakhi was chosen as residence by an Arabian caliph. And The initial Arabian inscription on the portal of the mosque said that the mosque had constructed in 743. Departure to Baku. Night short panoramic tour around Baku.
    Overnight in Baku.

  • 6

    Day 6 | Baku sightseeing tour & Absheron peninsula

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Baku city tour is an ideal introduction into culture of Azerbaijan. Sightseeing tour starts from the panorama on the city from the Highland park, the highest spot of Baku noble for its Flaming towers. Tour around the city covers the central part, showing the most interesting historical and architectural sites: Baku Seaside Park Boulevard, mini Venice, National Carpet Museum, Azneft Square, Javanshir Bridge, the National Academy of Science, Fizuli Square, Izmir park, and other sites of the city.
    Photo stop at Heydar Aliev Center, designed by Zaha Hadid with its distinctive architecture. Walking down to one of the main streets of Baku - Nizami Street, which is noble for its glamorous brand shops and different restaurants and cafes.
    Visit to Icheri Sheher – the old and most fascinating part of the city, where you will have possibility to see: Maiden Tower (XII century), Palace of Shirvanshahs (XV century), Castle Synyk Gala, Caravan Saray, Juma Mosque; market square with numerous art studios and souvenir stalls.
    Absheron peninsula. Ateshgah, the Fire Worshippers' Temple is located in the village of Surakhany. It was built on the land where natural gas burned eternally and worshipped by Zoroastrian believers who travelled from the province of Multan in India to visit this sacred place. These ancient fires are believed to have given Azerbaijan its name, which is thought by some researchers to mean the “Land of Fires
    Yanar Dag or “burning mount”, it is rather a hill than a mountain, with natural gas burning on its slope from ancient times.
    Back to the hotel. Overnight in Baku.

  • 7

    Day 7 | Qabala & Tufandagh cable car

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Departure to Qabala - the most ancient city of Azerbaijan, was for 600 years the capital of ancient Caucasian Albania mentioned in the works of antique historians of the 1st century. Later in the Arabian sources it was mentioned as Khazar.
    In Qabala we will visit Tufandagh cable car- discovering an amazing view of the Great Caucasus Mountains; Nohur Lake or Nohurqishlag water reservoir - 3 km east of Gabala city, 1 km north of Nohurqishlag village, in the natural pit between Güllüburun, Göydag and Yumuru mountains, at an altitude of 700 m above sea level.
    Back to Baku. Overnight in Baku.

  • 8

    Day 8 | Qobustan & Ganja

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Visit to Qobustan, visiting the open air historical art reserve. It is known for hosting thousands of rock engravings spread over 100 square km depicting hunting scenes, people, ships, constellations and animals. Its oldest petroglyphs date from the 12th century BC. There are inscriptions left by Alexander the Great's cohorts in the 4th century BC.
    Departure to Ganja. Sightseeing tour around Ganja - the second largest city in the country, which is often a place of important historical events. We visit the remembering times of domination of the Iranian Shah Abbas mosque, as well as the medieval complex of Karavanseray and the Chokak Hamam, where we will find out what other functions - apart from hygienic - have been in this type of places in the East. We will also stop at the photos at the famous house built of bottles and at the mausoleum of Nizami, a poet respected throughout the Middle East.
    Overnight in Ganja.

  • 9

    Day 9 | Ganja – Red bridge border – Sadakhlo border – Haghpat – Dilijan – Tsaghkadzor

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Departure from Ganja to Azerbaijan-Georgia border (Red bridge); border formalities. Move to Georgia-Armenia border Sadakhlo; border formalities.
    Visit to Haghpat Monastic complex. It is an exceptional example of ecclesiastical architecture that developed in Armenia in the 10th to 13th centuries which is unique by virtue of its blending of elements of both Byzantine church architecture and the traditional vernacular building style of this region.
    Continue driving through Dilijan to Tsaghkadzor mountain resort, which is located at an altitude of 1750m above the sea level.
    Overnight in Tsaghkadzor.

  • 10

    Day 10 | Tsaghkadzor – Sevan – Sevanavank – Yerevan

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Drive to Sevan, stop at Sevanavank, a monastic complex, located on a peninsula at the northwestern shore of Lake Sevan, one of the largest high-mountain freshwater lakes in the world. Monastery of Sevan, which stands on what was once an island of the same name, can be dated to the 9th-10th centuries. For several hundred years, as an important spiritual center, housing many monks, it was visited by thousands of pilgrims from all parts of Armenia. Departure to Yerevan. Sightseeing tour around Yerevan, which includes the visits to the following sites: Republic square, Northern Avenue, Opera house, Cascade complex, Park of victory, Tsitsernakaberd memorial, Erebuni fortress, Statue David of Sasun, Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator, Koniak and Wine factory and many other sites...
    Overnight in Yerevan.

  • 11

    Day 11 | Garni & Geghard

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    Start the day by visiting Ararat Factory to taste renowned Armenian cognac.
    Geghard Monastery is another incredible ancient Armenian monastery, partly carved out of a mountain. Though the monastery has been around since before the 4th century, the main cathedral was built in 1215. The specific character of this monument reflects, no doubt, the peculiarities of the austere and majestic scenery around it. Sightseeing tour around Garni Temple: The Temple of Garni is a first century Hellenic temple near Garni, Armenia. It is the only pagan temple in Armenia that survived the Christianization of the country in 301 AD. The structures of Garni combine elements of Hellenistic and national culture, which is an evidence of antique influences and the distinctive building traditions of the Armenian people. An unforgettable experience is waiting for you in Garni village – you can take part in a real ritual of baking national “lavash” bread with local villagers. Enjoy the open air lunch.
    Back to Yerevan. Overnight in Yerevan.

  • 12

    Day 12 | Yerevan – Echmiadzin – Zvartnots – Bavra border – Vardzia - Akhaltsikhe

    Breakfast at the hotel.
    The day starts from Echmiadzin Cathedral - one of the main attractions of the Echmiadzin is the Cathedral — the most ancient Christian temple of Armenia, one of the first in entire Christian world. The first stone of the temple, as the legend goes, was laid in 30 by the first Catholicos of Armenian Church.
    Visit to Zvartnots. It was built at a time when much of Armenia was under Byzantine control or influence and during the early invasions of Armenia by the Muslim Arabs.
    After border visiting Vardzia caves. The underground halls of the "mountain queen," dug out of the solid rock, Vardzia looks like it was taken directly from the pages of Lord of the Rings. In reality it is a cave-palace-monastery built not by dwarfs, but by Georgians in the Caucasus for their fabled queen Tamar.
    Overnight in Aakhaltsikhe.

  • 13

    Day 13 | Rabat Fortress – Borjomi – Uplistsikhe – Tbilisi

    Breakfast at the hotel. Visit to Rabat Fortress:0 Built in the 13th century, fortress Rabat developed under the influence of deferent cultures over subsequent centuries and this is reflected in its architecture. Within the 7 hectares’ castle complex there is a Church, a Mosque, a Minaret and a Synagogue.
    Departure to Uplistsikhe cave town fortress - identified by archaeologists as one of the oldest urban settlements in Georgia. Strategically located in the heartland of ancient kingdom of Kartli (or Iberia as it was known to the Classical authors), it emerged as a major political and religious center of the country. The town’s age and importance led medieval Georgian written tradition to ascribe its foundation to the mythical Uplos, son of Mtskhetos, and grandson of Kartlos.
    Departure to Tbilisi. Overnight in Tbilisi.

  • 14

    Day 14 | Tbilisi

    Breakfast at the hotel. Free day in Tbilisi.
    Overnight in Tbilisi.

  • 15

    Day 15 | Departure

    Breakfast at the hotel. Check out.
    Departure to Tbilisi International Airport.