«Batumi City Tour & Botanical Garden»

Duration: 6 hours
Route: Batumi – Botanical Garden
Tour type: private or group excursion / by bus

Today Batumi not only one of the most beautiful cities of Georgia but a distinguished tourist center on the Black Sea. It has always had resources necessary for a resort city. However, the recent years saw important measures accomplished for the tourism development: residential houses of Old Batumi have been reconstructed; world brand hotels have been opened; many café-restaurants and entertainment places have been opened. Besides sunny beaches, Batumi is distinguished by modern architectural buildings and new residential blocks. Batumi is a superb place with its one of the richest in Europe botanical gardens, unforgettable dolphin shows, spectacular 7 km Seaside Boulevard built in 1881 by French gardener.
Batumi Sea Side PArk (Boulevard) & Square of Europe Miracle park: Alphabetic tower; Sculpture of love "Ali & Nino"
6 May park & Nurigel Lake Streets of old Batumi, the Mosque
Ardagani Lake, Aqua Park Piazza square
Holy mother virgin's nativity cathedral Modern Batumi: New Boulevard
Batumi sea port Museum of Local Lore & Synagogue
Batumi Cable Car Batumi Botanical Garden
Batumi Botanical Garden – one of the largest gardens in Europe located 9 km to the north of Batumi at the place called “Mtsvane Kontskhi (“Green Cape”) on the Black Sea shore. The garden consists of nine floristic sections, those of Caucasian humid subtropics, East Asia, New Zealand, South America, the Himalayas, Mexico, Australia and of the Mediterranean. The garden comprises 2037 taxonomic units of ligneous plants, including 104 of Caucasian origin. The Batumi Botanical Garden occupies 108.7 ha area, 1km along the Black Sea. The garden is distinguished by centuries-long parks, unique collections of subtropical flora, as well as succulents, palms, roses, camellias, citrus, bamboos, magnolias, Cypruses, pine-trees, nuts, persimmon and maple tree collections. Visitors’ attention is attracted by 125-year-old large-flowering magnolias counting 125 years, eldest evergreen Sequoias, fragrant Osmanthus, secret Japanese gardens, romantic, cozy landscapes and panoramic views.